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A Flash of Murder (NOW AVAILABLE)

1956. “I like Ike”. Elvis. The stirrings of the Civil Rights Movement and a world we think of as simpler, safer, and quieter; a world we often recall fondly and with nostalgia. What could symbolize the best of the 1950’s than the sleepy town of Kittanning. A town happily awaiting the warmth and open aired freshness of summer to celebrate its great historical moment, the bicentenary of a brutal battle waged between colonials and Native Americans during the French and Indian War, on this exact spot. Yet instead this lovely river town nestled in the hills of western Pennsylvania is about to awake not to tourists, parades, and hope – but to another battle, a battle with a serial killer with no pity or mercy. Is it one of the prominent, but new town residents, or someone who has lived here quietly for years? Join retired war-correspondent and big city newspaper reporter George Cooper and his novelist wife Ruth as they try to aid the police in stopping a ruthless and relentless murderer, who is more than happy to bring a reign of misery to this quiet town.