Merry Merry Murder

Christmas, 1954.  Peace on earth, goodwill, White Christmas, eggnog, a toy train under the tree, the obligatory Christmas parties…and murder, not the combination George Cooper, newspaper columnist, retired war correspondent, and small town amateur sleuth, was looking forward to when he settled in rural western Pennsylvania.  George’s holiday had been ruined.  The sleepy if pleasant shin-dig at the Armstrong County Historical Museum had moved from the highlight society event of the season to criminal mayhem.  With his wife and confidante, successful mystery novelist Ruth Cooper, at his side, George arrived hoping to do a little dining and dancing, when the imperious young advisor to the museum, Doctor Andrew McDivett, Phd., summoned George upstairs to the reading room, laid out a tantalizing scenario, and concluded the conversation with an agreement for a late night rendezvous.  George returned later that night, only to find himself a suspect for murder.  Who would want to kill the brilliant, handsome, if snobbish, young professor of history, the professor whose research pointed to a hoard of buried treasure and a ticket to fame and riches?  Could it be the venial museum director jealous of a young upstart, the society matron settling an old family score, the unfaithful trophy wife who’s finally been rebuffed, or the stranger who was lurking at the door when McDivett poured out his initial findings to George?

Accompany George and Ruth as their new year is turned up-side down in seeking to find the real killer, clearing their own names, and risking their lives for one of their best friends, while still trying to beat the murderer to the fabled hoard, and sparing the town an onslaught of unscrupulous treasure seekers in their newest mystery adventure…

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