Jeff Boarts began his writing career late in life, despite a desire to write novels since high school. Forty years later, in the spring of 2012, he published A FLASH OF MURDER, a mystery set in his hometown of Kittanning, PA. That same fall, MERRY MERRY MURDER, his second novel was published.

Jeff and his uncle, Raymond Boarts, own and operate Paul’s Auto Parts, a business started by Jeff’s grandfather, Paul L. Boarts, in 1931. Being the family business, Jeff has worked there since he was a kid, and received his first ‘official’ paycheck in 1970.

Jeff has a degree bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he also studied history, art and business. Literature he likes to read includes, but is not limited to: historical novels and mysteries, fantasy and sword and sorcery, suspense and thrillers, as well as conventional mysteries. Jeff also enjoys movies of all types, from silent classics to modern films, (comedies, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and suspense, historical epics, etc.). Each year for the last eight years, Jeff and his friend Eric Cook have produced a Silent Movie Night for the Kittanning community at St. John’s Lutheran Church, where silent films and shorts are shown to live musical accompaniment.

Jeff is married to Carol Boarts and has two children, Jeffrey P. and Emily. He still resides and works in Kittanning.


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